1st time at the Beach

On May 19th Cole made his 1st trip to the beach. He loved it. He really loved to eat the sand also. He just kept shoveling it in like it really tasted good.


Cole's 1st Birthday

Cedo/Grandpa & me

The cake was a big project, but I had a lot of fun. Of course I waited until the last minute and stayed up way to late, but Dave helped me bake everything. I was very impressed when I was done. I think I might have taken more pictures of the cakes than of Cole. That is really awful.

Can you tell we are related? We didn't plan the color scheme.

Cole had cake for the first time ever on his birthday. It was the first time he had any sweet treat. He needed a serious bath after that. He is so cute.

After the longest day of his life he was ready for a nap.