Our little Frankenstein


Cole having fun at the pumpkin patch & Phillips Farm.

Mommy's dream-a little farm boy.


Las Vegas

We had so much fun in Las Vegas. We vacationed with the wonderful Keifer family. It was so nice and relaxing, I didn't want to come home. Those Keifer kids are somethin' else. I sure love hanging out with them.

I think I should leave this one alone. All the captions I can think of are not appropriate.

Bath time fun.

Isn't he so adorable?

Class of 1998

I absolutely loved High School. I had a blast. I was very excited to attend my 10 year renunion. Katie wasn't so excited but she is a great friend and agreed to come with me. I think we had more fun shopping for outfits, make-up and jewelry than we did at the actual reunion. Getting dressed up is always fun.

Most of the girls from the old high school crew showed up and it was really nice to see them and catch up.

Unfortunately I wasn't feeling that well that day but I was determined to at least make it there for the beginning and to see friends. My migraine through out the day just kept progressing and by 9:30 I was throwing up and on my way to emergency. Poor Katie not only was dragged to our renunion but didn't even get to stay long and then spent the rest of the evening in Emergency. We sure looked funny at the Kaiser Vallejo at 10 p.m. in our cocktail dresses. The looks were unforgettable, at least what I can remember. After about 3 hours they finally saw me, and that is the last of the memories. Later that week I was looking through my phone and realized Katie wanted to capture the end of our night on film. I don't remember any of the photo shoot at the hospital. By that time they had really pumped me up with the good stuff. Katie sure is a trooper and a wonderful friend that puts up with so much. I love you Katie-May. Class of 1998-SSC


A Great Day For Dave

On Sept. 6th we took Cole to his first Giant's game. I think Dave has been dreaming of this moment for a while now. He was definitely on Cloud 9. We had a blast. Our Friend Damien works for the Giants and he made it all happen for us. We had a wonderful evening and shared it with other crazy baseball fans. When Ang, Damien, and Dave get together I quickly become silent when sports come up. All 3 of them are so into it and I never have anything to add. I do love going to baseball games and I am a Giant's fan by marriage. My favorite part is the food. Cole was so good. His only issue was he wanted to play. He was all decked out in his Giant's gear, even Giant's socks. I can't wait until next season.

Cole's first trip to the Zoo

Brody, Zack Jake, Rylee, Tyler, Hannah,Maya and parents, and Auntie Angela all came to the Zoo. We had a big group. Cole was not very interested in the animals. He definitely did not like the amphibian sections. The little yellow frogs in the glass cases were very scary. He also freaked out a little when I tried to force him to pet a goat. I don't think the forcing helped.

I love my Aunts

Several weeks ago my Aunts came into town for a cousins wedding. My Dad is the only boy and then there are 4 girls. When they all get together it is such a site. They all only see each other about once every 2 years or so but when they all get together it is all laughs. I really love watching them. My Aunts are all silly, and giggly and my Dad makes fun of them even though he is just as silly. My Aunt Leila is a great cook. I know how to cook some Arabic food but nothing compares to hers. I had the works and I probably won't get to have those treats again unless she makes them for me. One thing we can always count on is my Aunt Nadias belly dancing. She really thinks she is one. I took some video and it is great. They are a crazy bunch. I love spending time with them. I only wish I could see them more often.


So Annoying

I can't find my adapter for my camera which means I can not retrieve any pictures from it. It is so annoying. I can't sleep and I can't even post new pictures with the time that I have. I really am trying to work on this blog with all my might.


Our New Nephew

Dave's Brother Jonathan and his wife Dayna had there first baby.
Owen Joseph Gleason was born on July 30, 2008 at 4:10 a.m. weighing 8.26 lbs. and 22.44 inches long. He is so adorable.
Jonathan, Dayna, & Owen live in Swaziland,Africa and they have not yet met Cole. We are excited for their January visit so the two boys can meet. By that time Dave's sister Stephany will have had her baby boy and all three will get to meet. I can't wait until all these babies arrive.


Camping with the Girls

Day time Keri

Night time Keri-Keri was very entertaining to all. On Friday night we enjoyed a 2 hour concert with motions to the words. It was hilarious. She had way to much Red Bull that is for sure. Here she is in action.

Liz, Sandra, Sumer, and Sina

Danielle and Sina

Here is Tracy and Sumer on the boat that we rented on Saturday and I am so glad that we did. They only allowed 6 people on the boat so we had to work around it. Some of the girls that were braver swam to the boat from the shore after we left the dock. Towards the middle of the day we ran out of drinks and we already ate all our food but we were thirsty. Sandra and Keri volunteered to swim to shore, pack up some goodies and swim back to the boat. I am so glad I didn't volunteer for that, because it looked rough. Sina posted the videos on you tube. Whoever was able to get to camp site and get everything on their list and back to the boat was going be the winner. beginning of the Race> ---Making it back to the boat

Every Year gets better

It has been seven years since Dave and I said I do. What a wonderful day it was. I can remember everything about that morning. All the excitement, nervousness, and of course all the stress. I couldn't wait to become Mrs. Dave Gleason. I am so thankful that God joined our paths together. We celebrated with a movie and dinner. We went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Joe's Crab Shack. I love Crab. We also went to see the Dark Knight which was absolutely amazing. I love Dave so much and am so thankful for all that he does and the man that he is. Seven years and one baby later we are going strong and can't wait for more babies and all of life's adventures.

Cole love's Camping

Cole loved the river. He also loved throwing rocks, and sucking algae off the rocks.

He is such a goof. I love all of the silly things that he does.
Here he is hanging out with Rylee and Jenna.

After a long day at the river he was out like a light.

River fun

There were no showers at the campground so we bathed in the river. There is a first time for everything right? My sister is washing Dave's hair-while it is still around. Dave may never get to wash his hair in a river again because chances are that there won't be any left but he is such a hottie that it won't matter.

Jenny and Rylee braving the rapids.


Jordan trying to exit the rapids.

If you sat in the current of the river it would take you down stream. It was so fun. I got some cuts and bruises because it was really hard to stop and there are a ton of rocks. Here is Doug going through the rapids.

Little Qais enjoying some river rocks. I am sure the cool water was nice since he had an on and off fever through the weekend.

How cute.

Linda and big Johnny. I can't figure out why they are so bundled up? I was over a 100 all the time.

The river was so refreshing. The water was cold but it was over a 100 everyday so it was very refreshing. The hike to the river was not so refreshing, especially with a baby and stroller and all the other luggage that comes with that deal. The water was not deep in many place so all the kids could reach except for where it was flowing down stream.

Katie & Daegan came back to us covered in mud at one point. They stepped in some sand that was mushy and started sinking. Katie lost her flip-flop and I for some reason the I had super human strength against the river and tried to retrieve it. That didn't really work out. I fell hard, but it was halarious. I did not save the flip-flop.