Class of 1998

I absolutely loved High School. I had a blast. I was very excited to attend my 10 year renunion. Katie wasn't so excited but she is a great friend and agreed to come with me. I think we had more fun shopping for outfits, make-up and jewelry than we did at the actual reunion. Getting dressed up is always fun.

Most of the girls from the old high school crew showed up and it was really nice to see them and catch up.

Unfortunately I wasn't feeling that well that day but I was determined to at least make it there for the beginning and to see friends. My migraine through out the day just kept progressing and by 9:30 I was throwing up and on my way to emergency. Poor Katie not only was dragged to our renunion but didn't even get to stay long and then spent the rest of the evening in Emergency. We sure looked funny at the Kaiser Vallejo at 10 p.m. in our cocktail dresses. The looks were unforgettable, at least what I can remember. After about 3 hours they finally saw me, and that is the last of the memories. Later that week I was looking through my phone and realized Katie wanted to capture the end of our night on film. I don't remember any of the photo shoot at the hospital. By that time they had really pumped me up with the good stuff. Katie sure is a trooper and a wonderful friend that puts up with so much. I love you Katie-May. Class of 1998-SSC


Nicholle said...

You both looked so beautiful!!!

Sorry it ended yucky!

shan-Marie said...

Wow Danielle! You were a hottie! I love the last picture. Looks so familiar....
Hey, that reunion night ended up just like the old days- party, friends and drugs.
uh, JK.

Jeramy Sossaman said...

great story! sorry for the whole puking thing.

Kristy said...

Oh Dana! I had no idea you were so sick that day! I loved to see that you put the pics on your blog. It was so good seeing you! Hope you are feeling better!