I love my Aunts

Several weeks ago my Aunts came into town for a cousins wedding. My Dad is the only boy and then there are 4 girls. When they all get together it is such a site. They all only see each other about once every 2 years or so but when they all get together it is all laughs. I really love watching them. My Aunts are all silly, and giggly and my Dad makes fun of them even though he is just as silly. My Aunt Leila is a great cook. I know how to cook some Arabic food but nothing compares to hers. I had the works and I probably won't get to have those treats again unless she makes them for me. One thing we can always count on is my Aunt Nadias belly dancing. She really thinks she is one. I took some video and it is great. They are a crazy bunch. I love spending time with them. I only wish I could see them more often.

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