The river was so refreshing. The water was cold but it was over a 100 everyday so it was very refreshing. The hike to the river was not so refreshing, especially with a baby and stroller and all the other luggage that comes with that deal. The water was not deep in many place so all the kids could reach except for where it was flowing down stream.

Katie & Daegan came back to us covered in mud at one point. They stepped in some sand that was mushy and started sinking. Katie lost her flip-flop and I for some reason the I had super human strength against the river and tried to retrieve it. That didn't really work out. I fell hard, but it was halarious. I did not save the flip-flop.

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Nicholle said...

Oh my gosh how fun!!

I'd love to go camping with you all some time!!

Like how I just invite myself?

So proud of you for blogging!!